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Sweet Story of Gay Marriage, Celebrated in Rocky Hill Cohousing’s Common House

by cohousingworks 10 May 2012

Cohousing communities often serve as a center for progressive and inclusive lifestyles.  This is once again demonstrated in the heartwarming story of Susan Galereave and Kiki Zeldes, two mothers who were recently married by a justice of the peace in the Rocky Hill Common House.   Read the story as it appeared in the New York […]

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Do You Drink a Morning Latte?

by cohousingworks 6 May 2012

Here is a great little video from the World Wildlife Fund on the carbon footprint of a single latte.  It makes you gag a little bit towards the middle… but there is hope! Rethinking a Latte Published By:  Rebecca Disbrow Cohousing Collaborative, blog editor

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Independent Living (Cohousing?) as Boomers’ Divorce Rates Increase

by cohousingworks 2 May 2012

The Times reports this morning that a growing number of men and women in their 50s and 60s are opting out of marriage and venturing into old age on their own. The surge has been driven by several factors, including longevity, economics and evolving social mores, according to sociologists. Read More If this is the […]

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An Architecture Student Wrestles with Christopher Alexander

by cohousingworks 28 April 2012

I know many of you cohousers out there are ardent Christopher Alexander fans.  In my visits to 20-something cohousing communities, at least a quarter mentioned his name or one of his design principles in talking about how their community or common house was designed.  For anyone looking for a quite academic and lofty (one might […]

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Segregating the Truly Sick in Retirement Communities?

by cohousingworks 25 April 2012

Here is a link to a really disturbing article on a retirement community in Norfolk Virginia that has banned the truly sick/elderly (anyone in “assisted living” in their community) from their upscale dining room, The River Terrace.  Apparently this is a trend that is somewhat common around the US in the new retirement villages that […]

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“Cohousing” Gets a Bit More Mainstream… And a Lot More Expensive

by cohousingworks 22 April 2012

A recent article in the Guardian touts  Mountain View Cohousing Community as “an opportunity for a sustainable future”.  The community is located in Mountain View, California, near the home of Google.  Community members have been involved since the beginning, and the project is being built by Berry-Swenson-Builder with conceptual design work done by cohousing leaders, […]

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“Age Appropriate Companions” – A Social Support Network for Seniors

by cohousingworks 18 April 2012

I’ve heard of community service around senior citizens, and providing company to nursing home patients or services to frail seniors living on their own.  This except, however. is from a NYTimes article in the health section on “age appropriate” senior companions, just one of the many ways seniors and baby boomers are finding to continue […]

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Students: Win $200,000 to Start Clean Energy Business

by cohousingworks 21 February 2012

Just heard about this competition … we wanted to get this out to you immediately as the competition deadline is February 29, 2012. From the website: –begin– Led by CalTech, a public-private consortium called First Look West (FLoW) is looking for entrepreneurial-minded university students from all disciplines to apply to win $200,000 in prize […]

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Alternative Currencies: Provide Community Labor, Receive… ?

by cohousingworks 14 February 2012

Have you ever thought about “volunteering” and how de-valued it is in our current system?  We, as a globe, increasingly use money as our only reward system – and the majority of productive acts we do for someone else either earns us money or is considered “volunteering”.  Very few people engage regularly in a system […]

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Monday Morning Fact Series: Cohousers Own Fewer Personal Vehicles

by cohousingworks 6 February 2012

This is the third installment of the Monday Morning Cohousing Facts Series, and today its all about the children!  (Reminder, this information is coming from a study done by the Cohousing Association of the United States, and is accessible in its entirety here.) Did you know… 83% of communities engage either frequently (44%) or occasionally (39%) in carpooling Annnd another […]

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