A Little Levity for Cohousers Everywhere

by Ann Zabaldo on August 15, 2012

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Do you sit in cohousing meetings with architects who speak “archi-babel?”  You’re not alone!

Grant Snider may be studying to be an orthodontist but that doesn’t stop him from having quite a wry wit about ordinary things.  He is the artist behind the comic poster series Incidental Comics.

In his comic  poster on architecture, Snider takes a  look at what architects are REALLY saying.

How did he get the inspiration for drawing this poster?  According to Snider, ” I didn’t feel like sitting at my drawing table for this week’s comic. I decided to walk outside and sketch my neighborhood!”

Just so you don’t think we’re targeting architects … we’ve included another of Snider’s posters about planning.   Check out all of Snider’s posters on his website.  He has all of his posters archived.  Be warned!  You can get lost in Incidental Comics for a long, long time!  Check Incidental Comics every week for a new poster.

A  hint:  if you’re dealing with professionals who speak “jargon-ese” order one of Snider’s posters to hang up in a meeting as a humorous way of reminding them to speak English.  Or Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese!  He has posters in several languages!!


Did these bring you some smiles today?

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