Segregating the Truly Sick in Retirement Communities?

by cohousingworks on April 25, 2012

in Senior Issues

Here is a link to a really disturbing article on a retirement community in Norfolk Virginia that has banned the truly sick/elderly (anyone in “assisted living” in their community) from their upscale dining room, The River Terrace.  Apparently this is a trend that is somewhat common around the US in the new retirement villages that are gaining in popularity.  Beware what kind of community you move into before you do – and what sort of decisions they may be likely to make in the future regarding the forced segregation of the truly sick or disabled from the healthier part of the community.

NYTimes Article Link

Perhaps yet one more reason why cohousing and it’s inclusiveness is looking more attractive to retiring Baby Boomer’s these days.

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Cohousing Collaborative, Blog Editor

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