Better After 50 — A Companion Guide for Adult Cohousers

by Sharon Villines on February 8, 2012

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Hi All,

Just wanted to share a website that was recommended to me for this blog:  It is a sort of online, interactive magazine for women over 50 – sharing hilarious articles, heartfelt conversations, and informative information.  Browse and you will find articles including:

My Married Crush

Embracing Your Inner Angel

[Just One Of] My Crazy Menopause Moments (Share Yours)!

Oh How I Love Thee, But Get Thee Back to College

The articles are classified into:  Body, Mind, Relationships, Purpose, Work, Homes and more.  Just as an example, the categories under “Relationships” include:  With Myself,  Single Again, Married, Married Again, Divorced – as well as Aging Parents, Adult Children, Same-Sex, Friends, Pets, Etc.  Specific and humorous!

It’s really a great website, at once both cheeky and intelligent.  Like a best girlfriend … times it’s several hundred readers, all around the world, and responsive to all of your inner-most musings.  Check it out!

Posted by:  Rebecca Disbrow
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