Rancho La Salud – Mexican Cohousing Community near Lake Chapala, Mexico

by cohousingworks on November 27, 2011

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Rancho La Salud's Common House

Rancho La Salud’s Common HouseRancho La Salud Village, Spanish for something like “health ranch” is a new community-oriented village in the Lake Chapala region of Mexico.  It will focus on resident interaction and sustainable living, while also offering unique amenities like a “multiversity”, a spa, and retail stores on site.  The village will consist of 21 homes, 8 resident suites (smaller homes), and community facilities including the above amenities.  The Lake Chapala area is a gorgeous, slow paced and friendly region in Mexico – welcoming to retired Americans.
“Using our development team’s extensive knowledge of Cohousing, we have carefully planned the physical design to enhance interaction, so that our residents can easily connect with friends and neighbors. And by encouraging relationships through formal and informal activities, they will enjoy the feel of an old fashioned neighborhood. A place where everyone is known and appreciated; where teaching and learning, relaxing and adventuring, giving and receiving is all part of daily life….. A rich life…… A wonderful life.”
In the next couple of days we will feature an interview with Rick Cowlishaw, one of the developers of this community, with questions about building in Mexico, marketing, and what it will be like to live there.  Stay tuned!  :)
If you’re too curious to wait, check out their website:  http://rancholasaludvillage.com/


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