Hundredfold Farm Cohousing Hosts Facilitation Training Weekend

by cohousingworks on November 1, 2011

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Hundredfold Farm, Gettysburg, PA

Challenging personalities.  At work, at play, church or civic association … we encounter folks who are … uhmmm … “high needs.”  Living with people is very different than work or play.  At some point you leave that situation to go home.  Well.  What if home is where the challenge IS?

Join Laird Schaub and Ma’ikwe Ludwig for the 7th weekend of a two year long  Integrative Facilitation Training program –this one focusing on Challenging Personalities.  Thursday, January 12 6 p.m. – Sunday, January 15 noon.   This weekend is being hosted by Hundredfold Farm, in Gettysburg, PA.

Cost of weekend workshop: Full student – $350; Auditor – $275

New students are still welcome to join the class!!

For details about the program and to register see:

For more information, email or call 410-357-9523.

A little bit about the two year program in facilitation training:

Learning the art of effective meeting facilitation can enhance both energy and product from your meetings.  This experiential training can help you build your facilitation skills and transform your group into a more dynamic and successful entity.

Participants in the training will:

·      Learn about an aspect of the facilitator’s skill set through an in-depth content session.

·      Facilitate live meetings under the guidance of Laird and Ma’ikwe.

·      Share insights through prep and debrief sessions before and after the live meetings.

Space for the weekend training is limited so reserve your spot now!


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