New York Times – “Growing Older in an Urban Village”

by cohousingworks on August 15, 2011

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I just love it when the NYTimes mentions cohousing.

Brooklyn Cohousing (which recently threw in the towel after many years and many dollars of trying) was the community that originally sparked my interest in cohousing.  New York City seems like the ultimate place to create a community that cares and shares with each other.  From a purely financial point of view, New York makes more sense than any other place to share those resources that come at a steep price to homeowners.  Cohousing would provide New Yorkers a chance to have access to amenities they might not be able to afford privately: outdoor space, a lawn, car (/parking),  exercise facilities or home-office space, to name a few.  It would also provide community in a city that can feel intensely isolating despite the 8.5 million neighbors.

Anyway, the New York Times blog today published an article about some of the inventive, grass-roots ways older adults are choosing to retire.  It highlights four “urban villages” which each offer a unique approach:

  • A shared housing arrangement in White Plains
  • A senior co-housing development in Virginia
  • Lincoln Park Village, an urban village in Chicago and
  • An R.V. community in East Texas
The highlight of the article, which was written by a Journalism Graduate Student at Columbia University, is a video interview of residents of these communities.  Read the article here, it’s pretty cool.
And perhaps enough of a buzz going around the Big Apple might give rise to the next NYC cohousing group…  :)
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