Greetings on this Thanksgiving Day — the quintessential American holiday.

I’m Ann Zabaldo, one of the Principal Partners in Cohousing Collabortive, LLC, the sponsor of this blog.  I not only build cohousing communities … I live in one.  (In our business model … you eat your own dog food …)

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for describing community.

All over our country, people of all faiths are sitting down to pretty much the same dinner.  In households everywhere will be the burnt casserole, the wail of  “Oh, no! The turkey didn’t defrost!!”  tofurky or Chinese take-out on the table.  There will be spilt milk, frayed tempers, long standing arguments rekindled, Macy’s T’giving Day parade, too many football games, “A Christmas Story”  endlessly playing on cable TV for at least 24 hours, hugs, kisses and … a few tears on arrivals and departures.

In the end we will eat too much, laugh too hard at really old jokes, tell too many stories and collapse in good will for a night’s slumber.

I love all the mishegas (insanity, craziness) surrounding Thanksgiving with “the family.”

Sometimes, when looking at the sturm and drang of the world, I am challenged in the gratitude department.  As I look ahead to 2013 I am optimistic and anxious simultaneously.

What to do?

In the end my grounding is in the relationships and bonds of community.

Keeps me from toppling over.

I have much for which to be grateful!

To speak gratitude is courteous and pleasant, to enact gratitude is generous and noble, but to live gratitude is to touch Heaven. — Johannes A. Gaertner

Living in community challenges me — gives me the opportunity –  everyday to live in gratitude.  Living in community has stretched me in every way possible.  My “growing edge” has grown tremendously in these last 12 years living in Takoma Village here in Washington, DC.   Living in cohousing has given me a “family” and a set of real friends.

So, whatever “family” and “friends” mean to you …  on this Thanksgiving Day … let us lift a glass of whatever we drink and make a toast to: Family who are Friends and Friends who are Family.

Safe travels if you are on the road, riding the rails, in the air, or cruising the waters.

Wishing you an abundant and Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Ann Zabaldo

Ever grateful member of Takoma Village Cohousing, our larger Takoma neighborhood in northwest Washington, DC, and a partner in my cohousing development company.

Thanksgiving at the Trolls

“Thanksgiving at the Trolls” CreativeCommons

For what are you grateful for living in your community?

How will your community celebrate Thanksgiving this year?


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